Pickands Mather Group’s sales and purchasing team is focused on creating significant value for you

Since 1992, the PM Group companies have grown in terms of the customers and industries we serve as well as specific product and services we offer. We recognize change, adapt and provide you with the direction necessary to meet the changing needs of the bulk material and transportation industries.

Pickands Mather’s sales team possesses a unique blend of development, planning and agency arrangements that are associated with sales, purchasing and services of your bulk products and materials. PM’s sales efforts complement its Services Group. We provide creative sourcing and optimization solutions involving metallurgical coke, metallurgical and thermal coal, synthetic gypsum, limestone, iron ore and other bulk products.

PM provides development and hands-on practical experience coupled with the insight that delivers solutions for your sourcing and handling requirements. Pickands Mather Group is dedicated to continuously finding ways to enhance our customers’ value by providing leadership and efficient transportation management of their bulk materials.